Article Link: “ArtBabble Site Opens Window to World of Museums” – NYTimes is a site created by the Indianapolis Museum of Art that offers videos about art from sources including the Museum of Modern Art and the PBS series, “Art:21”. ArtBabble is free to users and will eventually seek corporate sponsorship.

New York Times, Art, Art & Design section:
ArtBabble Site Opens Window to World of Museums
by Kate Taylor

“We can give an online viewer the opportunity to take countless tangents,” said Joshua Greenberg, director of digital strategy at the New York Public Library. “It fits the core premise of librarianship, that it’s not just about putting something in someone’s hands but contextualizing it.”

After reading this article, I felt ArtBabble and what the Indianapolis Museum of Art has done relates to topics that not only I have been contemplating but my colleagues as well. As I stated in a previous entry, many archives are now recognizing the importance of their internet presence. I left out the fact that most researchers who use an archive, don’t always realize that they can actually go to the repository to not only see an original photograph from the early 1900s but they could very well touch such a thing.

Sadly, newspapers that circulate now might not be around forever. As the holding institution, it is the Maryland Historical Society’s responsibility to do what is in our means to share a great resource like Der Deutsche Correspondent. Digitizing the collection and creating an online archive is how we propose to do just that.

picture-2 picture-12


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