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After doing a keyword search for “Frederick Raine Der Deutsche Correspondent” I found this article on the New York Times website from 1891. This article was written in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Der Deutsche Correspondent and the 70th birthday of the founder, owner, and editor of the German-language Newspaper, Frederick Raine. The article reads:

A Newspaper’s Golden Jubliee.
The “German Correspondent” Celebrates An Anniversary.

Baltimore, May 13. — The German Correspondent celebrated to-day its fiftieth anniversary, also the seventieth anniversary of the birthday of its founder, editor, proprietor, Col. Frederick Raine. A special edition of the German Correspondent perpetuates in eduring letter press the glories of the semi-centennial and the septuagismal. It is filled with articles by prominent literary men. A handsome souvenir, illustrative of the progress of printing and the march of the years, accompanies this special edition. Cardinal Gibbons, Senator Gorman, Mr. George W. Childs and Mr. M.R. Muckle of the Philadelphia Ledger, Mr. Louis Schade of Washington, the President and Professor of the Johns Hopkins University, German societies, and business men of Baltimore sent letters of congratulation. Cardinal Gibbons wrote as follows:

CARDINAL’S RESIDENCE, BALTIMORE, May 9, 1891. MY DEAR SIR: You will permit me to unite with the English-speaking citizens of Baltimore in tendering to you my cordial congratulations on the approaching golden jubilee of the German Correspondent. It is not often that the founder of a newspaper is spared by Divine Providence, as you have been, to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of a journal and to receive at the same time the commendations of a discerning public for the judicious and conservative policy which the paper has steadily pursued. I am yours faithfully in Christ.

Mr. George W. Childs of the Philadelphia Ledger telegraphed as follow:
Hearty congratulations on your fiftieth anniversary. Wishing you continued health and success.
Your friend,

Mayor Robert C. Davidson, as Chairman and a committee called on Col. Raine and presented him with the resolutions passed by both branches of the City Council, congratulatory of the double events celebrated to-day, and extended their felicitations both officially and personally.

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