Monthly Archives: October 2009

After what seems likeĀ  just a few short months, the digital images of the first batch of Der Deutsche Correspondent have arrived! Well, about 33,038 images out of approximately 47,000 images from this batch are in my possession.

Just to recap – MdHS sent 50 of 98 volumes of Der Deutsche Correspondent to Crowley Imaging in Frederick for digitization. There will be approximately 47,000 digital surrogates from just this first batch alone. Once the entire collection has been digitized, there will be approximately 84,000 digital surrogates.

I am currently working on post-production activities. This consists of backing up the images to a separate storage media, embedding metadata into each image, saving a master file and creating a separate file for use on the web. The non-master file will be taken into Photoshop and the contrast levels will be adjusted slightly. In the end I will have two versions of each file – a master file and a for-web-use file.

Post-production can take a significant amount of time, especially for such a large digital archive. Each file is at least 32 megabytes in size. While I am running batch actions, I am making preliminary plans for the Charles Edward Hilgenberg Archive Reception, which will take place in 2010.

Thanks for reading – more news to come soon.