Looking Forward to the Hilgenberg Archive in 2010

As 2010 quickly approaches, I can honestly say that I am very pleased with where the Hilgenberg Archive stands right now. From March, 2009 through December, 2009, the following has been accomplished or is in process:

– An inventory of the collection was reviewed and corrected.
– The Crowley Company was identified as the most appropriate and experienced vendor to digitize the over-sized newspaper volumes.
– Re-wrapped Der Deutsche Correspondent volumes in archival Tyvek.
– The Crowley Company picked up 50 of the 98 volumes to start the digitization process.
– Identified which volumes would not quite make it through digitization and asked the Enoch Pratt Free Library to loan MdHS the necessary microfilm reels (which we’re very grateful for!).
– Received about 3/4 of the digital files of the first 50 volumes and began the post-production process (which includes embedding metadata, slight adjustments, and creating web-sized JPGs).
– And finally, at the end of November, planning for the Hilgenberg Archive reception to take place in January has begun. We are very excited to be hosting the reception and bringing the Baltimore and surrounding community interested in German Heritage to MdHS to hear about the project.

Planning for the reception will continue throughout this month. We looking forward to 2010 and to the future of the Hilgenberg Archive.

  1. Charles l. Smith said:

    Why is it called the hilgenberg archive?

  2. While the name of the archive predates my managing it, the reason it was named the Hilgenberg Archive is because the Charles Edward Hilgenberg Fund of the Baltimore Community Foundation is, at this time, solely funding this great opportunity to digitize this important piece of German history. Thanks for asking!

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