Seeking National Recognition, Partnering for the Future

I have been kept very busy in the Department of Imaging Services at the Maryland Historical Society. We are gearing up for three new exhibitions (Civil War, War of 1812, and historic fashion accessories), launching our new web site, involving ourselves with more collaborations, publications, patron requests etc. Nevertheless, the Hilgenberg Archive continues to be on my mind.

In an attempt to create national interest in the Hilgenberg Archive, I have identified some key German History groups throughout the United States in order to send information about the Hilgenberg Archive to their members. I certainly have yet to discover all of the wonderful groups that celebrate and educate the public about German history. If you would like to contribute to my mailing list, please leave a comment here!

Meanwhile, we are continuing our search for grants that will help support the next steps for the Hilgenberg Archive (which will result in public access). We have partnered with Loyola University Maryland in our search for additional funding. With Loyola’s strong German program and Der Deutsche Correspondent‘s richness in German history, we believe this partnership will benefit both parties profusely.

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