Today in German History: The German Revolution, 1918

1918: The German Revolution begins when 40,000 sailors take over the port in Kiel.

The German Revolution was politically driven and took place at the end of World War I. It lasted from November 1918 until the formal establishment of the Weimar Republic in August of 1919.

Take a look at the German Revolution time line.

  1. Michael Brill said:

    How about a time line when the Deutsche Correspondent will actually become available on-line? Michael Brill, Kehl, Germany

  2. Mr. Brill,

    As with many archives attempting to become available online, we are completely dependent on outside funds. Performing OCR, building a web site, etc. is very costly, especially for an archive of this magnitude. We are trying our best to find additional grants that will help us with our end goal.

    We appreciate your eagerness as we are also very eager to make this archive available for research.

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