Translation: April 8, 1914. News from Paris, Stockholm, and Tokyo

Dr. Edward Larkey, Professor of German Studies and Intercultural Communication at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, approached me in January requesting a possible partnership whereby his German students would be able to have access to certain issues of Der Deutsche Correspondent for translation. This was a most welcome request to which I fully support. His students translated a few days worth of news in 1914 and returned the translations to me via email. I will be posting some of their translations here.

APRIL 8, 1914. COLUMNS 5-6.
Translation by S.A. Fard

Internal Politics. 

Revelations about the Caillaux-case.

From the family life of the former minister.

A bundle of compromising letters plays a role. -Chief Prosecutor Fabre lost his job. -French police inspector kills colleague. -Jealousy the motive – The Swedish king has to undergo surgery.

Paris, April 7. – The question of whether the former financial minister, Joseph Gaillaux, may be accused of assiting in the murder of the Figaro editor Gaston Calmette, was discussed in great detail in today’s local newspapers. The publication of the statement of President Poincare was the reason for this discussion. Many believe that another indication for this accusation is that he was inspired to the deed on his own wife.

The examining magistrate, Mr Henri Boucard, heard both Mr Gaillaux and the former Prime Minister L. Barthou.

Mr. Gaillaux gave the judge a detailed description of his private life and also mentioned domestic difficulties. He explained that as he was with Madame Gueydon, his former wife, in Mamers, two letters that were addressed to his current wife had been stolen from his bundle of letters in his desk.

Mr. Gaillaux said that he had given Madame Guendon the alternative of getting a divorce or reconciliation, but under the condition that his letters would be returned to him. Finally, they came to the conclusion that the letters should be burned, and this is also what happened. His wife, he, and his secretary witnessed the scene. Madame Gueydon assured him specifically, as Mr Caillaux stated, that the letters were neither copies nor photographed. Then reconciliation followed, yet this was followed by a divorce later.

Mr. Jules Herbaux, the counselor on the advisory board of the Supreme Court, was appointed as the successor of Mr. Victor Fabre as Chief Prosecutor today.

(Later). Mr. Fabre rejected the post as attorney general since this position had a lower rank than his previous position.

One believes that he will be nominated to the advisory board of the Supreme Court. This would satisfy public opinion, which protested loudly against making him a scapegoat.

King Gustav has to undergo surgery.

Stockholm, April 1. -Surgery is the only effective means of ending the continuous suffering of the king. This is the opinion of Professor Wilhelm Fleiner who was called in from Heidelberg.

A bulletin posted this afternoon by the medical doctors said that King Gustav is suffering from a stomach ulcer. The bulletin disclaimed all the rumors of it being stomach cancer.

Today, the King expressed the wish that the surgery should be done as soon as possible.

The suffering of the Monarch has a long history. The king has been suffering from repeated incidents since last October.

The French women are not allowed to vote. 

Paris, April 7. -The women of France are not entitled to vote in elections. A decision to this effect was announced today by the Supreme Court.

The French League for Women’s Rights has attempted to register the women as voters in the coming elections and had turned to the court for a decision. But the court ruled against them.

(Column 6)

Police Inspector shoots colleague.

Paris, April 7. – Today, in the police headquarters, Maurice Delacroix, a police inspector, shot his colleague and close friend, police inspector Raymond Dupin. Yesterday evening, Delacroix received information about Dupin allegedly having a relationship with his wife.

The colleagues met this morning, as usual, at the headquarters and reported by the office of chief inspector Lebreton. They left the office together.

As they were walking down the stairs next to each other, Delacroix suddently pulls out his gun and fired it without a single word of warning. He fired five shots at his colleague, who was killed on the spot.

Then Delacroix went to the chief inspector’s office and reported the incident.

The task was too much for him.

Tokyo, April 7. -Viscount Keigo Kiyoura, who took over the task of forming a new cabinet, has given up his attempt because of the many difficulties which discouraged this task. Today he reported this to the Emporer. The political scene in Japan is in a state of complete confusion as a consequence of this.

Today, the members of the “Secret Council”, which the newspapers describe as “a relic of the old Japan”, were again commanded to a conference with the emperor at the palace.


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