Translation: June 4, 1914

The following text is a translation of the cover of page Der Deutsche Correspondent on June 4, 1914.  The translation is by A. Russell of Edward Larkey’s German language class, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Spring 2011.

Der Deutsche Correspondent, Newspaper. April - June, 1914. Hilgengberg Archive.


Phoenix, Arizona., June 3rd. – As the inspector of the claims commission, W.A. Ryan, announced, the Federal government has contracted with Sir William Willcocks, the builder of the Aswan dam in Egypt, for the position of consulting engineer for the irrigation bureau of the Federal government. Sir William has already set off for Yuma Arizona on Monday evening for an inspection tour of the entire irrigation complex of the Federal government.

– – –

Short ad notice:
Passports for travel abroad can be taken care of by E. Raine, No. 413, East Baltimore Street, near Custom House Avenue.

– – –

Wallis Islands from France
Newest Outrages of the English Suffragettes.

Set buildings on fire in Belfast and in the vicinity of London. – Woman Destroyer of paintings attacks guard of the Dore-Gallery with an axe. – Holloway prison doctor disciplined by horse whip. – Sword fight in Madrid.

– – –

Paris, June 3 – The French colonial office announced the annexing of the Wallis islands in the South Pacific Ocean. The island chain, which contains some 40 square miles of territory and a population of 4500, has been a French protectorate since 1887. Wallis Island lies north east of Fiji.

– – –


Belfast, June 3rd – Two suffragettes, Ms. Madge Muir and Ms. Mary Larmour where caught this morning as they set a blaze in an apartment building in the vicinity of Belfast. The two women were sent to the prison for interrogation. The fire only caused minor damage.
– – –
Belfast, June 3rd – Today militant Suffragettes attacked Chief Editors of two well known local newspapers that have criticized the campaign of the Suffragettes.

Two well dressed women, one of whom looked huge, entered the office of the “Belfast Telegraph” and were brought to the editing room. Without a word, the larger of the two women went up to Chief Editor Stewart and struck him with a blow from a stool. At the same time, the other dame flung a glue pot at his head.

Both of the women then moved toward the “News Letter Office”, where they made similar attacks on Chief Editor Anderson. The latter is currently under medical treatment.

– – –


London, June 3rd – A young and elegantly dressed Suffragette carried out a barbarous assault with an axe against a guard of the Dore-Gally. He attempted to restrain her from the destruction of valuable paintings on display.  The lady ruined two paintings and chopped up a third before a guard by the name of Bourlet grabbed her by the arm. Enraged, the vandal then turn against the guard swinging multiple times and inflicting great bodily harm.

Other employees overpowered the woman. Shouting and kicking with all her strength, until she was taken into police custody. The vandal left behind a note in which she declared that the suffragette struggle had, up till this point, behaved much too ladylike. She said: “In order to bring an end to all this, you must ensure justice for us. We would rather die than concede. We have been too ladylike, but as of now we will fight and you can kill us. Others will rise up to take our place. I myself have joined in the fight.”

– – –


London, June 3rd – The Suffragettes have turned their attention anew towards Dr. Francis Edward Forward, the medical official of the Holloway Prison. Two women, who were armed with horse whips, jumped the doctor as he was leaving the prison and administered a hefty punishment. A policeman rushed over and arrested the doctors’ assailants. The latter said her behavior was “a protest against the forced feeding for which this pig is responsible.” Dr. Forward declined to press charges against the women, but the police kept them in custody for disorderly conduct. Dr. Forward was attacked in a similar manner on October 11th of last year.

Today in the early hours, the arson division of the Suffragettes burned down a large cricket pavilion at Carlsfield, southwest of London.
– – –
Madrid, June 3rd – Yesterday, Antonio Maura, the son of the previous Prime Minister, and the radical Deputy Rodrigo [EL1] Soriano engaged in a sword fight that was fought out with great vehemency. But it lasted only 17 seconds and ended with the injury of both fighters. Maura received a wound on his forehead and Soriano suffered an honorable slash from his ear to his mouth. No reconciliation was negotiated.
The duel was the result of an unsettling scene that occurred in the lobby of the deputy’s chamber on the 27th of May. Maura had attacked Soriano with a cane and with his fists after Soriano called Maura’s father a coward during a debate.

– – –


Chicago June 3rd – The decision of the United States Court of Appeals for the federal circuit, through which Olaf A. Tveitmoe from San Francisco and Richard Houlihan from Chicago requested a new trial in the dynamite cases, was instead reconfirmed today in an opinion delivered by Judge Seaman. The court revoked its own ruling which granted a new trial to William. Bernhardt from Cincinnati.

– – –


Hickory, Miss., June 3rd
Coroners attempted to identify the bodies of three well dressed men today. Their mangled bodies were found near the tracks of the “Alabama and Vicksburg Railway” in the early hours of the morning. Two of the bodies were found close together about three miles west of Hickory. The third body was found approximately one and a half miles further westward. Wallets which were found near the bodies gave no identification.

– – –


San Francisco, June 3rd

George H. Luchsinger, President of the “Humboldt Savings Bank,” one of the biggest financial institutions in the state of California, committed suicide today. The cause of death was gas inhalation. The officials and directors of the bank stated that an inquiry into the bank’s books determined that the finances of the bank are in the best of shape. Mr. Luchsinger was 56 years old. He leaves behind a widow and a son.

– – –


Buffalo, N.Y., June 3rd 

Mrs L. Carr, 62 years old, was killed instantly and her spouse sustained life-threatening injuries as their carriage, in which was traveling in a funeral procession, was struck by a train of the “Pennsylvania Railway” as it was crossing the railroad tracks in Chaffot.

– – –


Indianapolis, Ind., June 2nd

Governor Ralston will soon proclaim the entire state of Indiana to observe “Sickness Prevention Day” for the month of October. The idea comes from the Indiana “Society for Combating Tuberculosis”. This move towards combating disease will likely involve sixty branches of the “Anti-Tuberculosis Society”, the state sanitary and the educational authorities, including schools, colleges and all public and civil associations in the state.


Gen. Carranza is in possession of a dispatch from the South American mediator. The continuation of the peace conference depends on his answer. Washington officials wait in suspense for his reply.

Niagara Falls, Ont. June 3rd

The mediation conference waits for an answer from General Carranza this evening. General Carranza the High Commander of the Constitutionalist troops in Mexico. He has possession of a message from three South American diplomats who opened the door for Constitutionalist representation in the current conference. It depends on his word whether the entire Mexican problem will be settled by diplomatic means or whether the Constitutionalists will continue their struggle to Mexico City by force of arms.

The mediators have cleared the way for the participation of the Constitutionalists in a dignified manner. The United States hopes that they accept this participation. A rejection of the invitation may potentially result in the withdrawal of moral support the Washington government provided to the Constitutionalist cause.

The mediators were hopeful this evening that General Carranza would send his delegates here. The mediators did not believe that the proceedings would be prolonged indefinitely. They instead have the opposite belief that a peaceful resolution can be reached more quickly because all parties in the Mexican controversy will be participating in establishing the peace program. Neither the Mexican nor the American delegates proceeded today with the conference. It may be said that all authoritative figures here would like to see the Constitutionalists enter the negotiating with reconciliatory spirit. The Constitutionalists will experience neither technical nor other hinderances on the part of the Huerta delegates.

The mediators stated that the note to Carranza will not be made public at this moment out of courtesy and consideration for General Carranza’s opposition. An answer is not expected for another two days. However, people are hopeful that his answer will be favorable.

The mediators are willing to discuss the interests of the Constitutionalists in a fair manner and with special regard in light of the fact that the Constitutionalists control a large part of Mexico now and are therefore represent the most important element in the problem.  The dominant view here is that the Constitutionalists are reluctant to approve the mediation due to a misconception of the nature of the mediation proceedings. There is no intention to negotiate issues concerning the land. The American delegates have never suggested any plan to remedy the agrarian troubles and also have raised no such demand to do this. The American government and the mediators only wish that the provisional government be morally obliged to address the land question and to resolve it in a manner such that they all interests might be satisfied equally.

Although the land question is not the sole cause of unrest in Mexico, it has consistently been the motive for the revolutions.

Should the Constitutionalists refuse to take part in the negotiations and the continuation/prosecution…

(Continuation on page 6.)


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