Translation: May 14, 1916 – Anniversary Issue

The following text is a translation of page 1 of Der Deutsche Correspondent from May 14, 1916. The translation is by Alex Russell.

Der Deutsche Correspondent - May 14, 1916 - Front Page


To acquaint the Germans newly arrived in this country with the social and political
conditions in the United States; to familiarize them with their duties towards their adopted
country and with the rights conferred upon them by the Constitution; to keep alive and foster
their love for German social life and German song; to be a bond between them and their
fatherland so that Mother Germania shall not be forgotten; to impress their children with the
value of cultivating interest in the language  of their fathers—this was the purpose which
inspired the founding of the German Correspondent; this is the purpose of the paper now,
after seventy­-five years; and this will remain its purpose in the future.

(This issue covers the founding and history of the German Correspondent. Here is an excerpt. The full translation can be found at the end of this post.)

     In its 75 years of existence, the German Correspondent has always promoted the political teachings of Thomas Jefferson and represented the principles of the Democratic Party. One of the most meaningful battles that the paper has led was the defense of the foreign-born against ignorant attitudes in the 1850s. It is a similar battle as that which the Correspondent now leads against the hostilities to which those of American-German ancestry and all Germans have been exposed since the outbreak of the European war. During the civil war, the Correspondent remained devoted to the old democratic axiom of the inviolability of states’ rights; accepting, however, that the preservation of the Union must stand above the interests of the individual states. The German Correspondent has always exerted an influence on state and municipal politics, and the German vote was crucial for various elections. To it we owe the introduction of German language classes in Baltimore public schools. The German Correspondent has strived to promote German social and intellectual life in the city and the state. Thus it took the operative part in the founding of the Independent Citizens Association of Maryland (Unabhängigen Bürgervereins von Maryland), which has a significant influence today in the political and social world. The business world, in particular the great Finance-Institute, has also come to appreciate the value of the German Correspondent, where they are able to make contact with a substantial number of desirable clients.

Business Dept. Staff

Business Dept. Staff

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Typesetter Staff

Typesetter Staff

Press Staff

Press Staff

Click here for the original German page.

Click here for the full English translation.


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