Feedback requested

Now that we are looking in to creating a website centered around the Hilgenberg Archive/German Heritage Archive, I would like to share my ideas for the site. I would like the site to feature:

  • Searchable pages of Der Deutsche Correspondent (we’re looking in to the ABBYY Historic OCR software, see previous post).
  • The pages of the newspaper translated to both English and German (if possible).
  • A section for comments.
  • A photograph gallery for contemporary photos.
  • A section that features other German-related MdHS collections that could possibly expand to collections held by other institutions throughout Maryland.
  • Bibliographic section that features reference materials for German Heritage researchers.
Overall I would love for the website to feature great design that is easy for visitors to use.
If you have a favorite archive website that features a collection that you think I should take a look at, please feel free to comment on this post.